The most common frenectomies performed in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are the maxillary and mandibular labial frenectomies and the mandibular lingual frenectomies. A frenum is a soft tissue attachment of one structure to another. In the oral cavity, the maxillary and mandibular labial frenums are an attachment of the upper and lower lip to the anterior maxillary and mandibular bone between the central incisors and sometimes to the soft tissue between the teeth. The mandibular lingual frenum is an attachment of the tongue to the lingual aspect of the anterior mandible. When this occurs it is commonly known as Ankyloglossia and can cause problems with speech and feeding in newborns.

In our practice, the CO2 laser is used to cut and reposition the soft tissue attachments and a suture is used to hold the soft tissue in its new position. The advantage of using the CO2 laser and performing these procedures is that you have less bleeding, swelling, and pain. 

CO2 Laser